About Our Event


Wondering what to expect with an Online Women’s Conference?

This is a…


101 Boot Camp!

all rolled into one conference!

We host completely virtual events for Christian women. Our events feature awesome or should we say, ULTIMATE speakers.  Each session is recorded live. We would love for you to join us. Don’t miss even one of our sessions! They are amazing!

This event is ready for immediate download!

And the author-consulting sessions are underway.

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These are women who have a focus and commitment to do what they feel the Lord has called them to… they have balance, they have joy, and they have peace! They also happen to be successful. How does this happen?

Join us to learn how!

We record each session, some are live, edit, and post them on our private members-only Membership Site–we set up a different site for each event (so you can choose which one you want or grab each set we offer–you will want to!).

When you purchase your “virtual ticket” for an event, you can join us live for these recordings OR if you missed the live sessions, you can find everything on our Membership Site!  You will LOVE them all! Our speakers are simply amazing! We endeavor to bring you the ULTIMATE WOMEN’S EVENT–TO YOUR HOME!

Plus! Much, much more!

Our speakers and sponsors always bless us with many, many other audios that are unadvertised. They are also posted at our private members-only Membership Sit for you to download via Mp3/RSS feed and enjoy at your convenience. Talk about great workshops! This insures that you have access to the very best audios on godly womanhood found anywhere! 


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Lord, Capture My Heart!
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New Year, New You!
Our 2009 NEW YEAR Expo!
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A Year that Counts!
Our 2010 NEW YEAR Expo!
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