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All I can say is WOW! We have truly got the most amazing speakers for this event. All of you have a wonderful treat in store as you dig into the audios and live sessions that our speakers have so generously prepared for you today. I will introduce you to each of them and share their links so you can dig into their sites and get to know them. Follow me….


Marnie Swedberg

Marnie is the mentor to thousands of super busy women worldwide and the author of 12 books including her most recent, “Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have.”

She manages the family restaurant, assists with the family retail store and espresso café, hosts websites generating millions of hits per year and serves on her church’s worship team.

Marnie’s Topics:

TAME ~ Touch, Assess, Manage, Eliminate

Discover a unique system for paper and email
management that Marnie has used for years
to stay sane while managing her home,
home school, family restaurant, family retail
store and espresso cafe, plus dozens of
websites generating millions of hits/year.

SANE ~ Social Networking for Super Busy Moms

Spending too much time on Twitter?
Frittering your day away on Facebook?
Or maybe you aren’t sure if you should get involved.
Marnie manages her thousands of social
network connections in about 15 minutes a day.
Learn the secrets that make it possible to stay
connected in the minutes you have.

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Mentor to Super Busy Women


Lorrie Flem

Lorrie is the mother of eight who wanted to be the ideal mom but was too busy raising my kids. Being Randy’s rib for more than 25 years you might expect me to be mature, responsible, wise, and dignified. I’m not.
But I adore my King, love my husband and family,
and want to laugh along the way.
In 1998 Lorrie says she “accidentally” began publishing the award-winning magazine for homemakers, “TEACH”.
Today Lorrie is the author of way too many books and a speaker known for making you laugh with life-changing godly wisdom.
She has a zany fun-filled heart who desires more than anything else to look more like Jesus and be used by the King in the lives of mothers, speaking words of encouragement, exhortation, how-to’s,
and real-life help for moms.

Lorrie’s Topic:

The Importance of Vision: Seeking God

We are not limited by our abilities or by our current circumstances. We are only limited by our vision of what can be. A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. Our vision and expectations are often small but Jesus’ vision and expectations for us are without limits. Are you putting limits on yourself while God has a more wonderful vision for you? Do we take our vision of ourselves from the world or from Jesus? God’s vision will always somehow further His cause which is to glorify Himself. Join Mrs. Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement Magazine (formerly TEACH) as she talks about how to know your vision is God’s vision for you.

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Eternal Encouragement Magazine


Cindy Rushton

Cindy Rushton is the wife of her very best friend, Harold Rushton, and the mother of Matthew (23) and Elisabeth (20) and Grammy to Joshua. Cindy lives in the beautiful mountains of North Alabama in her dream cedar cabin. Cindy is the author of over 100 books, Bible studies and homeschool resources. She has produced thousands of audio workshops and teleclasses. She edits and publishes two magazines, Time for Tea and Homeschooling The Easy Way. If that is not enough, she also manages two of her own blogs: Cindy’s Desk(Top!)! and Families in Business and she hosts and produces two online radio shows, Mom-to-Mom Radio Show and Family Biz Talk.


Finding Your Vision in Business

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BIZ-Coach Cindy Rushton


Pam Perry


Perry is the founder of BART (Blacks in Advertising, Radio & Television), a nonprofit networking organization
for African Americans in the media.
Over a ten-year period, the organization hosted career conferences, award programs honoring African American heroes in the industry and organized professional development meetings.
She is a past winner of the “One to Watch” Award from the American Women in Radio and TV – Detroit Chapter and jointly won an Emmy for her work as a producer for “The Edge with Jeffrey Miller.

Pam’s Topic:

Building A Platform

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Pam Perry, PR Coach



Carol Topp

Carol is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and specializes in tax preparation, small/micro business accounting, and nonprofit accounting. She has presented numerous workshops on money management, business start up, taxes, budgeting and
homeschooling to various writers groups, community, church and
homeschool organizations.
Carol was born and raised in Wisconsin and graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Engineering.
She worked for the US Navy as a cost analyst before obtaining her CPA license in 2000. She published her first book in 2008.

Carol’s Topic:

Make Business Record Keeping  a Breeze


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Carol Topp, CPA

Business Tips and Taxes for Writers

Homeschool CPA

Teens and Taxes

Micro Business For Teens


Janice Campbell

Janice Campbell has been writing and speaking about things that matter for over two decades. She’s Director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE), the author of the Excellence in Literature curriculum and other resources, and Grammi to Imogen Violet. Whether teaching writers and entrepreneurs how to create multiple streams of income or high school students to love literature, Janice’s focus is on lighting lamps so that others can more easily find their way.

Janice’s Topic:

Do What Matters, Make it Pay:
Create Multiple Streams of Income in Your Own Heart-Based Business

What really matters to you? What is the one thing that people ask you about? Once you identify your gifts, you can create a multiple streams of income business that fits the life you want to live. Join us for this inspiring session to learn a three-step process for creating active and passive income, along with nitty-gritty tips to help you get started with your very own heart-based business.

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Everyday Education

NAIWE Direct’s Blog


Susan Spann

Susan Spann is a practicing attorney and partner in the California law firm of Llewellyn † Spann. She has over ten years’ experience in intellectual property, publishing,and contract law, and also practices in the areas of corporate law, business transactions, and estate planning. Her publishing clients include traditional book and magazine publishers, web-based publishers, independent authors (both traditionally and self-published), and developers of e-books and digital apps. She has authored numerous published articles on topics including copyright, trademark and publishing law. Before founding her law firm in 2004, Susan also worked as an attorney with a large firm in the L.A. area, served as in-house counsel for a major telecommunications provider, and taught at Trinity Law School, where she also served as a member of the faculty senate and Associate Academic Dean. Susan currently lives outside Sacramento, California with her husband, teenage son,
three cats and and one very opinionated cockatiel.

Susan’s Topic:

“What’s Your Sign?” Trademarks, Slogans and Logos

Come learn about trademarks, logos and slogans with business and intellectual property attorney Susan Spann. The one-hour class covers trademark creation, use, protection and registration. Real-world examples will help you learn how to take advantage of this essential “consumer shorthand” and protect your rights while uniquely identifying and promoting your business.


Krista Dunk

It’s time to introduce author, business woman, worshipper, wife, mother, and daughter of the King, Krista Dunk. Through her books, speaking topics, newsletters, workshops, and radio show, Krista helps God’s people discover, develop and share their God-given gifts effectively in the world so they can live with passion and purpose, knowing they are in God’s will for their lives. Krista enjoys speaking and writing on various business and faith-based topics, and is the author of the book called Step Out and Take Your Place – How to Discover and Live Your Everyday Calling. She also has a personal passion for combining sign language, worship music and dance for offering God heart-felt expression in worship. Krista co-founded an organization for Christian women in business called Koinonia Business Women (also known as KBWomen). KBWomen is an organization “Where Faith, Business & Women Connect, Collaborate & Grow.
This is another avenue for her to encourage others to reach their personal potential, and to find their God-given unique gifts
and life’s purpose.
A mother of two and wife of 17+ years, Krista is easy-going with a good sense of humor. From time to time, you may find her working in her robe, dressing Barbies or helping with homework.

Krista’s Topic:
Live Your Calling

God has dreams for His people. Do you understand His dream for you? You play a vital role within God’s purposes on the earth today, but are you aware of what that role or place is? God wants you to discover it!

Each of us have been created and designed by God. He has established and prepared a special work for each of us during our lifetimes. Unfortunately, many people never discover their place within God’s purposes, while others may have an idea about what their calling is, but never step out into it because of fears or self-doubts.

Knowing your calling and gifts is an awareness that will change your life and make a positive impact on those around you. On the other hand, something is missing when we find ourselves:

  • Unsure of what our true, God-given gifts are
  • Pressing on to create goals, build businesses and careers based on practicality, money and good ideas vs. being based on God’s calling
  • Working for money, yet leaving our gifts and calling on the table
  • Frustrated and dissatisfied with how our lives are going
  • Having doubts about being on the right path in life
  • Not being “all in” and passionate about a business, ministry service or career
  • Lacking direction as we approach a transition time, or a new season of life
  • Desiring to be in God’s will for our whole lives, yet we don’t have clarity about what His will for us as an individual is


Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you don’t need to be frustrated anymore! Join us as author and businesswoman, Krista Dunk, teaches us about how to discover and live our everyday calling.



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You Are Called To Express Your Gifts