Meet Felice

Felice is an Author, and Author Consultant as well as the President and Founder of Media Angels, Inc.  This publishing company is dedicated to creating quality Media for the Christian community, with a focus on how-to manuals, as well as curriculum. Other authors in the Media Angels line-up include, Christina Gerwitz Moss, Susan K. Marlow, Paula Stevenson and Sky McNeill, Carol Topp, and more.

Felice Gerwitz works with aspiring authors as an author consultant, as well as a content editor.   She is a speaker on the topic of beginning an author consulting business as well as topics relating the actual writing and publishing.

Felice is the author of Information in a Nutshell: Writing and Publishing,  Teaching Science and Having Fun, An Insider’s Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects,  Virtual-Field-Trips: An Online Study Guide.  Felice has written fiction novels for teens,  literature study guides for teens , and activity guides for teens.  Additionally, she has authored other science related books and products.

Felice is the host of a weekly radio broadcast for authors, “Information in a Nutshell,” where she interviews Authors, Publishers, Agents, Printers, Graphic Artists, Book Sellers, Book Store Owners and more. Currently she is the host of several webinar series, including the Ultimate Women’s Expo.